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No Update Again?!?

March 1, 2018

Yup, sorry, at least not at the beginning of this month.

I'd really like to keep to my New Year's resolution to release a Games Update each month, but there simply isn't enough content, and what I'm trying to keep from happening is me making a bunch of promises I'll end up not keeping because I needed content for an Update.


What did I actually do last month?

— Worked on Broken Minds to implement a flowchart.

— Worked on backgrounds for Pageturner 3.


I basically covered everything about the Broken Minds update in my last post, and two new backgrounds is not enough content to have a whole update about — besides, wouldn't you prefer to not see every single background for Pageturner 3 before I release it?


Other things I worked on were the Broken Minds sequel and my secret project, which are still too early in development to talk about.


— LockedOn, 2018.

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